Rico Verhoeven Retains Heavyweight Title at Glory 24, Wins Rematch in Stellar Fashion

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Credit: Glory Kickboxing

Written by Faiz Khan

Glory 24 went down last night and this time Rico Verhoeven, 26, made sure his rematch with Benjamin Adegbuyi didn’t finish in a 5R decision this time around. 

Verhoeven outclassed Adegbuyi from the start, picking his shots wisely and stringing combinations together nicely. Adegbuyi didn’t seem comfortable during the fight getting off shots here and there, but nothing drastic. Verhoeven mixed up his attack intelligently, utilizing front kicks to the body and changing levels with his kicks.

The Dutch kick boxer smelled blood half through R1, countering a soft jab with a heavy right cross, rocking Adegbuyi, paired with a brilliant low kick to Adegbuyi’s calf keeping him off balance. The challenger, rocked and covering up against the ropes, Verhoeven started to open up as he watched Adegbuyi slowly start to break. The Netherlands born Kick boxer was patient and waited for his openings using slick combinations of kicks and punches to the body and head. The end saw the same cross that first rocked Adegbuyi earlier in the round, landing 5 rights to the head, mixed with jabs to the body and high kicks keeping Adegbuyi confused, eventually turning Adegbuyi’s lights out on the 5th and final blow, sending him to the canvas for a KO. A stellar performance by Verhoeven in his home country of the Netherlands.


Rico Verhoeven def. Benjamin Adegbuyi by KO in RD 1

Catch it here:

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